Multimedia Journalist

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Born in San Luis Obispo — a sleepy beach town smack in the middle California’s shoreline — I learned how to talk, spell and read along the central and southern coast of the Pacific Ocean. But a move to Austin, Texas at the age of 14 gave birth to my sense of self. It is in the capital of Texas that I became comfortable in my own pale skin and lanky body. In the city that has forever stolen my heart, I came to understand the breakfast taco and garage rock. Austin is also where the journalist within me came alive.

I live to find, record and tell stories truthfully.

Currently a digital journalist at KVUE News – Austin’s ABC affiliate – I have demonstrated the ability to collaborate with others and to work independently in order to create both long-form investigative pieces and timely, hard news articles. And I can tell those stories through written word, photographs, podcasts and video in any appropriate combination.

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Instagram: @shawna_reding