Dylan and Guthrie

In the summer of 1960 a boy named Bob Dylan from Minnesota’s suburbs looted Woody Guthrie records from a neighbor. He then packed his bags for New York to meet Guthrie and immerse himself in the folk music scene. In this podcast, I tap into the power of Dylan’s music:

Austin’s Rapid Bus Struggles After a Slow Start

To ease downtown Austin’s congested roads, in February Capital Metro rolled out those bendy MetroRapid buses you’ve probably seen on Guadalupe and Lavaca. A part of what is called Bus Rapid Transit, they are supposed to be cheaper than urban rail and more efficient than ordinary buses. So the lonely rows of seats inside MetroRapid’s line have CapMetro representatives scratching their heads. In this podcast for StateImpact Texas, I report on what it might take to get the new line to work for Austin:


Bikers vs. Pedestrians

Like a university version of Lord of the Flies, pedestrians roam the streets and bikers zoom through stop signs on a daily basis. In this podcast, I delve into the dangers of campus roads:

Months Behind Schedule, New Water Well Finally Arriving for Spicewood Beach

Spicewood Beach is a small Highland Lakes’ community with an unlucky reputation.  It made headlines a couple years ago as the first place in Texas to run out of water during the drought. That’s when a well managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority failed.  Since then the LCRA has worked for a solution. But as reported in this podcast for StateImpact Texas, two years later, the community still doesn’t have a stable water supply:


Austin’s Paranormal

Urban legends and spooky stories riddle Austin. In this podcast, I report on the lure of the paranormal:

Vampire Court of Austin

On Oct. 19, the Vampire Court of Austin celebrated their one-year anniversary as an official vampire court. In this podcast, I explore the lifestyle of a married, vampiric couple:



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