Personal branding primer

“You gotta ask for that J-O-B!”

As his fist pounds the podium and his eyes bulge, Herb Miller warns more than 100 undergraduates in his Foundations of Marketing class that if they aren’t “bodacious” enough, they may just find themselves jobless after graduation.

And for Miller, senior lecturer in marketing, nothing says “bodacious” less than a standard resume. He says it has become a bland representation of “statistical data and text” that an interviewer must legally keep on file. That’s why his students must instead create a brochure that projects their “brand.” Complete with a photo, statement of short- and long-term goals, core interests and a list of strengths the student will bring to a company, a brochure “brings the student to life—they suddenly become a viable entity,” Miller says.

Click for full, published version of Branding Primer


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